Collage of Inspiration

I keep a lot of visual inspirations– pieces of mail, cards from art exhibits, photos. Some are too beautiful to throw away. Some just too meaningful to part with, special reminders of people and places. But I often just put them away in a box.

When I moved to Oz, I didn’t bring most of the artwork that normally decorates my walls. However, I did take a small box of saved images. I collaged them into one large frame and hung it in my bedroom.

It was a personal and inexpensive way to decorate my apartment. But more importantly, my pieces of paper are doing more good than collecting dust in a box; they’re out in the open, reminding me to make something beautiful everyday.


2 responses to “Collage of Inspiration

  1. fabulous idea. did you pull any of this stuff out of your journals? that would be a fun collage too – pages of a journal taken out for display. 🙂

  2. I didn’t take anything out of my journals but that is a great idea! Next time!

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