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Artist: Hyun Sun Jo

I met Hyun in grad school while at the California College of the Arts. Her paintings were on exhibition while she was in the MFA program. They were very large works of art and I instantly fell in love with the scale, colors, composition and texture. She paints, scraps away the paint, and paints again. The ‘erasing’ and layering creates unique combinations and patterns. I can’t wait to some day own a piece of her work… See her work here. Above image credit: “mushed, covered, and crushed” 116x91cm oil on canvas 2011. Hyun Sun Jo.


Go Erin. Go Calvin. Go Team.

My dearest Scarf Sister’s wedding weekend in LA. Love you.

July 4. The Smogshoppe. 6 bridesmaids. 6 groomsmen. Indian buffet. Naan in the backyard. The W. Trader Joes. Citizen Smith. Ginger Bitch. Chandelier earrings. The schedule. 8 am hair. Brut and grapefruit. Sweet tea vodka. White robes and towels. Mariah. Jumping on the bed. Wash your hands. The steamer. 29 bobby pins. Succulent bouquets. Sparklers. F words. Red velvet cupcakes. Moustaches. Lobster necklace. Weeniecakes. Thanks for picking me.

Sunday in Santa Cruz

Enjoying life after graduation and loving the great, California outdoors. Finally, after three years, I see some Redwoods.