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Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Love this mantra. Love the type. Love Anthony Burrill’s work. Check out his different pieces of work.


Good Fucking Design Advice

Good fucking life advice. Friend at work shared this awesome poster. And show some fucking passion.

Artist: Hyun Sun Jo

I met Hyun in grad school while at the California College of the Arts. Her paintings were on exhibition while she was in the MFA program. They were very large works of art and I instantly fell in love with the scale, colors, composition and texture. She paints, scraps away the paint, and paints again. The ‘erasing’ and layering creates unique combinations and patterns. I can’t wait to some day own a piece of her work… See her work here. Above image credit: “mushed, covered, and crushed” 116x91cm oil on canvas 2011. Hyun Sun Jo.

We Are Not Saved

I checked out Chrissie Abbott’s show Casual Cosmology at the China Heights Gallery. A friend was going so I decided to tag along. I had never seen her work before, very psychedelic. This poster was on the more tame side, but I love the composition and font lettering.

Trash Art

Found this card on the ground in an alley by my house. Love the fluoro colors and texture. Looked like someone had painted nail polish on the card. I should have taken it home with me, but at least I have this beautiful image.

Monsters by the Sea

Saw these ‘cute’ monsters at the Sculptures by the Sea exhibit November 2011. Bondi.

Light and Dancers at SF MOMA

Visited the SF MOMA with Anjelika in November 2011 and watched dancers perform on planks suspended from the ceiling.