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Modern Enamel

In an earlier post, I wrote that I took an Introduction to Silver Jewellery class at Gaffa. At Gaffa, I was introduced to Alida Cappelletta’s work. Alida is an artist, runs the Gaffa studio, and teaches classes (specialising in silver/metal and enameling). My friend bought a piece of her enamel jewelry and I instantly fell in love with her work – the color and the shapes in particular. I bought an enamel necklace and contacted her to see if she would make a matching pair of stud earrings. Lucky for me, she is so sweet and agreed! Not only did she provide a design to match my necklace, she also created a few of other styles (in other colors as well). I couldn’t resist and bought several pairs – they make great gifts! I am a huge fan and can’t wait to see more of her work. Here is a link to her bio.


Zeuthen Keramik

My friend was travelling through Denmark and found a cute little red clay vase by Zeuthen. There seems to be only limited information online. I could only find this on etsy: “Nordisk Brugskunst (Nordic Applied Art) was founded in Denmark c. 1946 by Normann Zeuthen; in 1948, he introduced the name “Zeuthen Keramik”. Zeuthen employed 10-15 employees who produced a variety of red clay items. Zeuthen pieces are very distinctive with their globular white and/or blue decorations; they are also popular collectibles.” The company no longer exists.

I love their simple white glaze graphic designs (dots, stripes, clover leaves, small flowers or stars). It contrasts nicely against the red clay. The Danish know their style.

Ebay seems to be the best place to buy Zeuthen. I recently bought a few pieces including a petite round vase, a gorgeous polka dot teapot and a polka dot piggy bank.

10 Minute Bling

My friend was throwing a Eurotrash party and at the last minute I made these diamond cardboard earrings. I had seen cardboard bling at several stores in Melbourne and thought they were hilariously awesome. (Here is an example of ‘real’ cardboard diamonds, from Studio 2017 by Anna Davern.)

Skittle Bracelet Holder

I bought a $4 ‘skittle’ at a re-use shop and thought it would work perfect as a bracelet holder. The wooden peg on the left is also from a skittle set (made in France from the 1920s). I just like the shape and colors of this piece. Skittles is apparently a European lawn game.

Woven Bag Experiment

Craft project from October 2011. This was a very spontaneous project. I knew I wanted to ‘weave a bag’ but didn’t have any preconceived idea of form. I cut strips of fabric and experimented with weaving in different directions. The craft and construction are not particularly neat, but I was happy with the final form. And I used every inch of linen fabric I had. The color pieces at the top of the bag are scraps from Guatemala.


Collage of Inspiration

I keep a lot of visual inspirations– pieces of mail, cards from art exhibits, photos. Some are too beautiful to throw away. Some just too meaningful to part with, special reminders of people and places. But I often just put them away in a box.

When I moved to Oz, I didn’t bring most of the artwork that normally decorates my walls. However, I did take a small box of saved images. I collaged them into one large frame and hung it in my bedroom.

It was a personal and inexpensive way to decorate my apartment. But more importantly, my pieces of paper are doing more good than collecting dust in a box; they’re out in the open, reminding me to make something beautiful everyday.

Modern Mix Tribute

I recently made these earrings out of a mix of materials – porcupine quills, leather, Czech seed beads, brass beads, silver and coral.

I bought the porcupine quills in Minnesota over 18 years ago when I used to do a lot of beading. I had been waiting to make something special out of them. While I was in New Mexico this past summer, I was inspired by the Native American jewelry. I particularly admired a pair of beautiful bone earrings, and decided to use my quills to create a modern interpretation.